She smiled sweetly – “NEAPEL” premiere!!!

The last two months I spent writing music for string quartet and electronics. “Neapel” is a 35-minute long suite of original compositions that will be premiered on March 25, at the amazing JazzWerkstatt Wien ZOOM! Festival. Here’s a video trailer with short audio and video clips from our rehearsals:

The fantastic Studio Dan Strings will join me on stage and we had a great time working on my new music. The track list of the suite will be: “Neapel”, “Airport Titanic”, “Corona Rosa”, “Kleine Schokoladen” and “Shoulder Press”. In case you can’t be part of the crowd at the premiere concert, you have the chance to listen to “Kleine Schokoladen” and an interview with me about the festival’s program on Austria’s main cultural radio station Ö1, also on March 25, 11:00pm on Zeit-Ton:

Here some rehearsal photos:

Don’t miss the fantastic ZOOM! Festival next week, I think it’s a great, diverse line-up:

Goodbye and all the best from Vienna and Napoli – Clemens

Can’t You Hear Me Knocking

2014 finished very fast and beautiful. Another concert highlight I want to be remembered here was the “WE SHARE A DECADE” evening at brut on December 13th. We, the “JazzWerkstatt Wien New Ensemble”, played a set of  tunes by Dorian Concept, arranged for a 7-piece electroacoustic ensemble. Dorian Concept also joined our band for a few songs as a soloist. Here´s a picture (©Zanshin Kuge) of the encore:


The last thing I did in 2014 was to perform a special rendition of Viennese´classic “New Year´s Concert”. We met at my appartement and improvised along with the fireworks to start up 2015, here´s an excerpt on YouTube:

So, watch out for my live dates 2015! As always, a lot of concerts with 5/8erl in Ehr´n are coming up! Also our “stageband” series at Porgy & Bess continues with the fantastic “Die Strottern & JazzWerkstatt Wien” ensemble. And there are a lot of new ideas waiting to be realized and  I´m looking forward to composing and peforming new stuff soon! Bye!


Our new record “YES WE DOES” is out!!! 5/8erl in Ehr´n – Soul from Vienna
Enjoy our new video “Alaba – How do you do?” Here it is:

I´ve co-written this song, along with several other tracks from our new album. You can buy and order it here. It´s been a pleasure making music with this band for 8 years now. We played two CD-Release concerts at brut in Vienna on October 8th and 9th. The location was sold out on both evenings and it was a very touching experience for us.
Here´s a picture taken by Rania Moslam:

The CD looks like this:

And this is my schedule for the next months:

Playing basketball is my second life, and when I´m not touring, rehearsing or composing, I spend my free hours with our newly founded team Vienna Basketwolves. We participate in Vienna´s Mixed Basketball League and it´s a lot of fun training and playing games with these nice people:

That would be it for now. All the best! Bye!

Love You Live – Amadeus Awards 2014

Watch again –  5/8erl in Ehr´n special performance at Amadeus Austrian Music Awards 2014 at Volkstheater Wien. I wrote the arrangement for this special ensemble with drums, string quartet and choir – “Stö jetzt kane Fragn” is the name of the song. Enjoy:

Here´s what we looked ike on the magenta carpet with our borrowed tuxedos:

MORPHING – Yes, we did it!

Here it is:

So, this is a very special production for me. For the first time  in my career, a record featuring only my compositions is being released. I have to thank the wonderful Jazzorchester Vorarlberg for giving me that chance and putting so much work in performing and recording my music.
I´m really satisfied with the musical performance and mix and master of the CD and would love to get some feedback from you. Please listen, there are over 2 years of work in that recording, from composition process to scoring and arranging, rehearsals, concerts, recording, mixing, editing, graphic design,…
CD RELEASE concerts will be April 21 at Theater Kosmos, Bregenz and April 22 at Porgy&Bess, Vienna.
Listen to 2 tracks on Soundcloud: