Still, still, still…[-but not for me]

I´m still working on this new blog / HP here and I´ll soon expand the contents. More Music and some of my scores will be available in a little time.
Meanwhile I updated my live dates till the end of june. I think there are lot of different and interesting things. We´re really working hard with our artists collective JazzWerkstatt Wien and we´ll premiere our “JazzWerkstatt Wien New Ensemble” in Budapest soon. A very distinctive line-up: Reeds – Trombbone – Electric Guitar – Double Bass – Keyboards and each player also controls a computer w/ Ableton Live. We´re composing and rehearsing relentless and are really looking forward to performing our new sounds.
Also with JazzWerkstatt Wien we´re gonna present two ZOOM! Nights, in Graz and Vienna, featuring the ensemble I mentioned above and musicians from other European music collectives: Tom Arthurs, Zeno de Rossi and Sam Britton.
This week on Saturday, one can hear me playing piano, improvising and performing Thelonious Monk compositions amongst others, when I accompany Klaus Maria Brandauer reading German poet Rolf Dieter Brinkmann.
Besides, I´d like the Lakers to win the championship again. Bye.