December’s Children (And Everybody’s)

What´s going on? – a lot of rehearsing and preparation for a CD recording with Austrian guitarist and composer Andy Manndorff. We´ll record his music in New York with bassist Stomu Takeishi and drummer Ted Poor. I´ll be playing a lot of electronics, but also piano. Watch out, we´ll present the CD on March 9, 2011 in Porgy&Bess, Vienna.

Needless to say, I´m also very busy composing my first opera “Der unbezwingbare Simson”. Right now I´m working a lot with Ableton Live and Max for Live, recording electronics for the 2nd picture of the opera “Beim Trinkgelage”. In doing so, I try to improve my MAX/MSP programming skills.

There´s only one concert remaining in 2010 where you can hear me. See Dates. 2011 is coming fast and I´m looking forward to great concerts, workshops, lonely hours composing, Lakers winning the NBA championship again, Rolling Stones on tour, … Bye!