Finito. – Avanti!

Hello World!
I finished my opera “Der unbezwingbare Simson”. Yes. Furthermore I arranged two pictures of the opera for ensemble Studio Dan and we´ll premiere them in June. They´re instrumental versions, with improvising soloists instead of the singers – kind of a reminiscence of Miles Davis´and Gil Evans´great version of Porgy&Bess. Here´s the flyer, click on it for further information:

Here´s an electronic improvisation I made with NOISEPLUG, a nice program by It got a bit long, but has some nice passages in it that I´d like to share with you:

What else? This week we´re at the studio recording a new CD with 5 Achterl in Ehr´n. Also, we filmed a music video that will be released soon and I´m very curious about it.
We had a nice concert with JazzWerkstatt Wien New Ensemble in Albi, France. The GMEA programmed a fantastic festival “Journées Electriques” and we´re looking forward to coming back to Albi in July, when we will record our debut album with sound engineer Benjamin Maumus. Benjamin also helps setting up our “Vienna Roomservice” Festival, which will happen at Porgy&Bess from September 8 – 11. I can also announce that I will perform there on Sept 10th with our trio nee. , which is already pretty hyped in Vienna´s music circles, although we don´t really play many concerts. We will feature soul singer Max Gaier and this will be an epic meeting.
So, I guess you´re fed up now by my advertising.
Once again I´m completely into Gustav Mahler´s music. To put an end to this, here are some photos: