got LIVE if you want it!

Let´s get it on!
WIEN KOLLEKTOR is a new project I´ve recently worked on. It´s a co-operation of 4 self-organized promoters in Vienna: Viennese Soulfood, Polyamory Sound Festival, SZKIZ and JazzWerkstatt Wien. We produced a programme, here´ it is:

OK, JazzWerkstatt´s Festival VIENNA ROOMSERVICE is starting next week, and it will be great. I will perform twice: Sept. 8 with singer Angela Maria Reisinger and Sept 10 with my band nee.. We´ll feature soul singer Max Gaier and we had a lot of fun rehearsing new tunes, here´s a picture from last week:

Above all, after Peer Gynt in 2008, I´m working at Volkstheater Wien again. Saxophone and clarinet player Gerald Preinfalk inivted me to play his music for the play “Du bleibst bei mir” with him. It´s a new theatre play by famous austrian writer Felix Mitterer, director: Michael Sturminger. Get more information here! Also see my DATES when I´ll perform at Volkstheater or with my other bands.
Finally, I´d like to say that I really enjoyed teaching at Jazzseminar Schönbach. The staff was well rehearsed, 100! students participated and I had a fantastic ensemble that rocked the students concert. We played “Electro Jazz” and had a nice instrumentation: Drums, Doublebass, Guitar, E-Piano, Synthesizer, E-Violin, Flute, Trumpet, 2 singers and Electronics (2 players) – AND tatarataaaaa!!!! – for all people doing “jazz gender research”: 6 women – 5 men.
I really recommend coming to Schönbach in 2012!!!

My former piano teacher Paul Urbanek informed me about a new  conservatory in Vienna. I can speak from my own experience, he´s a fantastic teacher and piano player – so if you´re interested in studying music, have a look at JAM Music Lab!

Autumn in Vienna means lot of work and many concerts for me. Don´t miss the chance to see and hear me before Christmas! I almost forgot it… here´s the new 5 Achterl in Ehr´n music clip “Siasse Tschick”, enjoy: