Gut Genug Für Die City

5 Achterl in Eh´n: We released our 3rd album GUT GENUG FÜR DIE CITY on March 9. It receives very good reviews and sells well. 800! people attended our release concert in Vienna and packed the club so that many couldn´t get in.  A lot of shows are coming up this year in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.
We produced an uncomplex little live video of the song “Frühstück ans Bett bei mir“. Everything´s live here:

I´m also working on my 1st symphony right now!!! My plan is to finish it till the 1st of June. It´ll be a recording featuring many of Vienna´s great improvisers, groove monsters, sound artists, etc… At the moment I´m recording a lot of material, later I´ll make everything up in Ableton w/ Max for Live, then mixing, mastering, cover design, fabrication, release, PR, …. hope you´ll listen to it at the end!