Shine A Light

before and after:

5/8erl in Ehr´n won the Amadeus – Austrian Music Award in the category “Jazz/World/Blues”! The award show took place at Volkstheater Vienna on May 1, so this month started pretty nice. Thanks to everyone for voting and supporting us!
Also the weather in Vienna is getting more reasonable! But instead of mad partying I prefer / am forced / chose to work on other things:
There are lot of rehearsals at the moment with JazzWerkstatt Wien New Ensemble for our new programme “…plays Max Nagl”. Max Nagl is a well known Austrian composer (jazz/contemporary) and saxophone player. He composes beautiful, distinctive music for decades now, and we feel that Jazz lacks good composers. Many contemporary Jazz ensembles fail to acknowledge those few who really write great stuff and focus too much on playing old standards and well known repertoire. So we worked on transcribing Max Nagl´s music, arranged music the composer allocated for the JWNE and tried to find a new sound with our special instrumentation with a lot of electronics. The premiere will be on May 30 at WUK Museum.
Another thing I´m working on is a radio programme for Ö1. In collaboration with Andreas Felber I prepare a 3 hour live radio show “Zeit-Ton extended”, that features our artists collective JazzWerkstatt Wien. We´ll play a lot of music and talk about the history of the group, what we achieved and what we´re currently working on. Joining us in the studio: Bernd Satzinger, Daniel Riegler, Clemens Salesny, Peter Rom from JazzWerkstatt Wien and Benedikt Leitner, cello player from Vienna´s famous ensemble Klangforum Wien. Tune in May 25th, Ö1 Zeit-Ton extended, 11pm – 2am!