Hi! August was about two things: Schönbach and South France – two amazing places.
I´ve been teaching at Jazzseminar Schönbach for 5 years now. It´s one of the highlights every year. The work with my colleagues and students is very inspiring. The workshop was fully booked and many people and former students came to visit because of Schönbach´s unique atmosphere. Again I was very happy with my ensemble. We called it “Electro Jazz” and we worked on a live remix of Duke Ellington´s, Charles Mingus´ and Max Roach´s masterpiece Money Jungle. Here the actors:

Directly after Schönbach I went to visit singer Valérie Sajdik in South France. We played two concerts with beyond-belief-drummer Sammy Devauchelle and I visited Studio Lakanal in Montpellier, where sound engineer Jean-Charles Gorceix is currently mixing our new album Les Nuits Blanches. Watch Out! Here we are:

The area and food and weather were beautiful. Here more impressions:

The Truth:

What else?
VIENNA ROOMSERVICE – Festival for improvised and electronic music and sound art

September 6-9 at Porgy&Bess, Vienna
….this is our annual JazzWerkstatt Wien Festival… learn more on www.jazzwerkstatt.at and TELL YOUR FRIENDS – 4 days of great music

AND: I´m busy writing music for Jazzorchester Vorarlberg. We´ll premiere the program “MORPHING – Die Welt geht nicht unter, sie verändert sich nur” in November. I´m writing the music, Mieze Medusa is performing poetry-slam and artist Andreas Harrer will be presenting experimental short films. This is on my mind all the time and I can´t wait to be ready for rehearsals. More on that later… Bye!