MORPHING – phase 1

I´m totally into composing music for Austria´s ensemble “Jazzorchester Vorarlberg“. The programme I came up with is called “MORPHING” – it features my work as a composer, Mieze Medusa performs Poetry-Slam, Andreas Harrer is showing short films and of course the wonderful musicians of the ensemble striking up:

The premiere will take place in Bludenz on November 8, followed by a gig at “Altes Kino Landeck” the next day. I´ll come up with more information and a video trailer soon. Last night I finished one tune for the programme “Les Salces”, which is also my first experiment with graphic notation. The orchestra will play along with Ableton Live, so they have to follow my arrangement. I printed out all the waveforms and wrote the music next to them… I think it´ll work out fine, but I´m very curious how the musicians will manage that task. Here´s the score: