Theatre Now! —better than Netflix!

Luckily, my partner in crime Felix Hafner invited me to do quite a lot of theatre work in the past months. “DIE DÄMONEN” by Fjodor M. Dostojewskij was the most intense work so far. Although this is not an easy piece to watch and understand, especially for theatre critics, I’m certain this is our most finespun effort so far. Watch the trailer above!

The audience in Munich loves our version of “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley. I´ll have to go back to Munich to see it again. Shout out to the sound department of the Münchener Volkstheater – they have a great sound system and incredibly supported me to make my music sound fat! Check this out!
COMING UP!Die Österreicherinnen” will be premiered on January 19th at the Kammerspiele, Landestheater Tirol. Playwright Thomas Arzt wrote a fantastic text composition, that in it’s form and trickiness perfectly reflects our society’s difficulties. I wrote 5 pieces for a children’s choir, referring to Austrian folk music and awkward perceptions of motherland and history. Of course I´ll share a trailer with you as soon as possible…
Meanwhile…don’t spend all your time and money on Netflix – there are some rad performances live on stage to experience! BACI & CIAO!