Trotz der gesundheitlichen Risiken haben wir – 5/8erl in Ehr´n – unser sechtes Album am 17. April 2020 veröffentlicht. In unserem Bandshop kann man YEAH YEAH YEAH als CD oder VINYL ordern. Ausserdem haben wir dort die Möglichkeit geschaffen einen “Streaming Beitrag” zu leisten, um unsere Arbeit zu entlohnen und die horrenden Kosten die eine Tonträger Produktion verursacht einzuspielen. Spoiler: Die Streamingplattformen (Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music und Co.) können dafür nämlich nicht aufkommen, die Tantiemen die wir darüber erwirtschaften reichen gerade mal um 1 mal halbgut Essen zu gehen.
Hier alle Videos / Singles die wir zum neuen Album veröffentlicht haben:


Die Tour sollte Ende April starten, wurde bisher mindestens 2 mal verschoben, abgesagt, angepasst, herumgeeiert . . . nun haben wir schon eine kleine Gewissheit, dass wir ab 31. Juli in zumindest halbvollen, oder halbleeren, Sälen und vor Social Distancing Open-Air Bühnen unsere neuen Lieder spielen dürfen und somit langsam wieder Liebe und Freude ins Land getragen werden. Ich will Sie ermuntern an diesem sozialen Experiment teilzunehmen – Auf bald!

Theatre Now! —better than Netflix!

Luckily, my partner in crime Felix Hafner invited me to do quite a lot of theatre work in the past months. “DIE DÄMONEN” by Fjodor M. Dostojewskij was the most intense work so far. Although this is not an easy piece to watch and understand, especially for theatre critics, I’m certain this is our most finespun effort so far. Watch the trailer above!

The audience in Munich loves our version of “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley. I´ll have to go back to Munich to see it again. Shout out to the sound department of the Münchener Volkstheater – they have a great sound system and incredibly supported me to make my music sound fat! Check this out!
COMING UP!Die Österreicherinnen” will be premiered on January 19th at the Kammerspiele, Landestheater Tirol. Playwright Thomas Arzt wrote a fantastic text composition, that in it’s form and trickiness perfectly reflects our society’s difficulties. I wrote 5 pieces for a children’s choir, referring to Austrian folk music and awkward perceptions of motherland and history. Of course I´ll share a trailer with you as soon as possible…
Meanwhile…don’t spend all your time and money on Netflix – there are some rad performances live on stage to experience! BACI & CIAO!

Break the Spell

Finally there´s time again to write a post:) The picture gallery above shows 3 scenes of the theatre play “Höllenangst” by J. Nestroy, which is staged at the Wiener Volkstheater this season. I composed the music and did the sounddesign for this updated staging by Felix Hafner. Furthermore – in Nestroy´s spirit – Peter Klien (lyrics) and I updated the famous “Couplets” and composed 3 new songs. MICA made an extensive interview with me about the composition process – read it here!


…going crazy in photoshop with some rehearsal shots of RE:PLAY 🙂

At the moment I´m working on another theatre project: “RE:PLAY- our game your choice“. Director Kai Anne Schuhmacher and the team of netzzeit came up with an idea to show democratic processes and the persuasiveness of music within the framework of an interactive musical theatre. They involved me as musical director and composer for this production. It´s a fun and interesting affair, since the development of the scenes is very improvisational and the audience is supposed to take action and dictate the dramaturgy. The play is set in a weird laboratory, the spectator becomes a scientist and has to perform a series of tests. You should dare taking part – take a look at my DATES page for scheduled performances; premiere will be on December 7th!


on stage with 5/8erl in Ehr´n / Arena Wien Open Air

2018 is soon coming to an end…this year has had a lot of surprises for me. For the first time in my career I spent most of the time in my studio composing. I received a lot of commissions to compose for theatre – this is a dream come true! Hopefully I´ll be able to continue working with those crazy people. For now, let´s bring this busy year to an end:
5/8erl in Ehr´n will play one more show on November 30th at Vienna´s “Porgy&Bess” club. The concert is already sold out and it´ll be packed with lovely people:) looking forward to this! JazzWerkstatt Wien will present a one-evening festival on December 16th at Blue Tomato. 10 bands will perform for 10min each, I will also be on stage with a long-time friend and fellow campaigner – yet it´s a surprise!
Well, what are my plans for 2018 then? First, I´ll spend my time composing and producing a new solo album. I plan a release in autumn 2018. There are already app. 35 layouts on my computer, the theme for the material is set, I´ll keep you updated;) Therefore, I feel it´s time to bring an end to a chapter: NEAPEL – my first solo project –will retire, the last live-show will be on January 30th 2018 at Sargfabrik Wien, don´t miss your last chance to hear these beautiful songs live!

5/8erl in Ehr´n is also raring to go; we´ll start working on and recording new songs next year. I´m so grateful to be part of this special group, 12 years and still going strong…we take pride in our enduring team-work!
Life as a composer needs some private balance too; every now and then, I grant you an insight in my affection for basketball. A few months ago, we formed a new team to play in Vienna´s Mixed Basketball League: FREIZEITCLUB FLAMINGO

FC Flamingos vs United Travelers - 35

FC FLAMINGO – me wearing #4

I love this group! Check out our Homepage – you can support us buying fan shirts with a beautiful flamingo, come to our games and like us on Facebook! FC FLAMINGO promotes Mixed Sports – as you can see – and so should you! This is the future of our society.
“And now: Basta! Ciao!”