Under My Thumb

I´ve composed a 25 minute piece for JazzWerkstatt Wien New Ensemble recently. We´ll play the premiere on May 28th at Wiener Festwochen – Vienna´s biggest cultural festival. The program features singer Willi Landl and is very intense – it´s called “Hotel Metropole”. The ensemble looks like this:

Another thing that keeps me busy is Kristin Gruber´s live reading / performance of her story “Der Brillenträger”. I composed music for her live show and also 2 “Soundgames”. The audience participates in the performance and will have the opportunity to control the soundtrack of Kristin´s lecture at some point. We´re working on an interactive setup and try to find out what works best – this is a very nice challenge for me.
The premiere of “Der Brillenträger” takes place at Verein 08, also on May 28th. Here´s a link to the Facebook Event.

A lot of very nice 5/8erl in Ehr´n concerts are coming up in summer: Popfest Wien, Donauinselfest, Sprudel, Sprudel & Musik . . . take a look at my LIVE DATES ->
We also released our record “YES WE DOES” on Vinyl now! Order it HERE ->

In July I will have the opportunity to record my “NEAPEL” suite for string quartet and electronics. I´m very happy about that and I´ll keep you posted, since I´m planning to release the music in autumn…byebye

Can’t You Hear Me Knocking

2014 finished very fast and beautiful. Another concert highlight I want to be remembered here was the “WE SHARE A DECADE” evening at brut on December 13th. We, the “JazzWerkstatt Wien New Ensemble”, played a set of  tunes by Dorian Concept, arranged for a 7-piece electroacoustic ensemble. Dorian Concept also joined our band for a few songs as a soloist. Here´s a picture (©Zanshin Kuge) of the encore:


The last thing I did in 2014 was to perform a special rendition of Viennese´classic “New Year´s Concert”. We met at my appartement and improvised along with the fireworks to start up 2015, here´s an excerpt on YouTube:

So, watch out for my live dates 2015! As always, a lot of concerts with 5/8erl in Ehr´n are coming up! Also our “stageband” series at Porgy & Bess continues with the fantastic “Die Strottern & JazzWerkstatt Wien” ensemble. And there are a lot of new ideas waiting to be realized and  I´m looking forward to composing and peforming new stuff soon! Bye!


Our new record “YES WE DOES” is out!!! 5/8erl in Ehr´n – Soul from Vienna
Enjoy our new video “Alaba – How do you do?” Here it is:

I´ve co-written this song, along with several other tracks from our new album. You can buy and order it here. It´s been a pleasure making music with this band for 8 years now. We played two CD-Release concerts at brut in Vienna on October 8th and 9th. The location was sold out on both evenings and it was a very touching experience for us.
Here´s a picture taken by Rania Moslam:

The CD looks like this:

And this is my schedule for the next months:

Playing basketball is my second life, and when I´m not touring, rehearsing or composing, I spend my free hours with our newly founded team Vienna Basketwolves. We participate in Vienna´s Mixed Basketball League and it´s a lot of fun training and playing games with these nice people:

That would be it for now. All the best! Bye!