Miss You (sung in falsetto)

clemens wenger, clemenswenger.com. media composer voyag, voyage 100I was lucky to spend a one-week vacation in New York, while weather in Vienna was  November-like again. It was beautiful and exhilarant. I had tickets for game 7 of the NY Knicks – Indiana Pacers series, but unfornately the Knicks lost in Game 6 and bowed out. Drat! At least it saved me a lot of money because of the high ticket prices. A dream of mine came true as I went playing basketball in Manhattan. Needless to say, it was pretty unspectacular and not much different from here in Brigittenau, Vienna (although the courts and baskets are really nice and high quality in NY). My goal for the next five years is to become a solid outside shooter. I have to work on my jump shot, so it´s becoming more stable. I know, this is probably uninteresting for you… BUT, I´m currently working on combinig my love for the game of basketball with my profession as musician and composer. For the VIENNA ROOMSERVICE festival in September, I´m writing a piece for Double-Bass and electronics/tape called “BassBalls”. We´ll premiere it in Vienna´s famous club Porgy&Bess, and I´ll use 8 speakers to beam the audience right onto the basketball court. Here´s a wonderful photo by Rania Moslam, shot while I´m preparing some sounds for the composition:
by Rania Moslam


What else?Visit our new 5/8erl in Ehr´n shop -> HERE you can order our CD`s there and very soon also merchandise. By the way, here´s a snapshot from our last tour in May, relaxing in Poland:
5/8erl in ehr´n, 5achterl

With a heavy heart I´m selling a lot of stuff at the moment, because I have to clear space at home. My workspace is jam-packed and I need some emptiness for new ideas. So take a look at my willhaben.at list, there´s a lot of cool stuff, f.e. my mikroKORG Special Edition, Novation X-Station, TC Electronics Analog Chorus/Flanger, iMac, … HERE ->
So, that´s it for now, see you soon and bye!!!