Goodbye 2012 – Hello 2013!

Happy New Year everybody!
2012 was definitely good to me… I had a lot of fun playing more concerts than ever before / working with the physicians at the Quantum Nanophysics Instiute / teaching at the great workshop in Schönbach / starting my studies “Music for Film & Media / composing a lot – including a big premiere: “Morphing” 75min music for Jazzorchestra / winning the Amadeus Austrian Music Award with 5/8erl in Ehr´n / mixing and producing nee.´s 1st EP “The Truth is on Fire” / working with collective JazzWerkstatt Wien in our 8th year! / working with so many interesting and motivated people / working on my jump shot and post moves / etc…But that´s it …. let´s go on!
Besides continuing my studies for the “Music for Film & Media” course, I play three concerts in January that are very diverse. On January 6th, we´ll finally present the CD “Nicht aus dem Sinn” – Angela Maria Reisinger & Band at Vienna´s Porgy&Bess. I´ve been working with Angela for 10 years now and I´m very glad to release and present this music.
On January 10th, I continue to experiment on bringing Jazz and Quantum Physics together on stage. In December we tried it for the first time at Blue Tomato club, now we´ll present our music and lecture at Verein Freifeld at mica. Be there – it´s really a nice combination of groove/improvisation/contemplation and fascinating theories and mindsets, illustrated by inconceivable experiments!
I´ll be back at Porgy&Bess on January 19th with saxophone player and composer Max Nagl. We´ll also present a CD “Live at Porgy&Bess” with a 9 piece band.
Then I´ll have a short break from the cold wheater in Vienna and take a rest somewhere else on this planet – to be back at full strength in February. Good Luck 2013!



Street Fighting Man

Instead of spending my time on and trying to write something in English, I´ll give you a photographic overview of what´s happening:

New CD OUT!!! Studio Dan “Dekadenz” feat. compositions of Daniel Riegler and myself. Get it!

We also launched the Website – It´s an extended Liner-Notes project. Don´t miss it!

Going to work in Styria. I am the tractor!

Had a nice gig with Romantic Slivo and Angela Maria Reisinger. We did the best version of “Endless Love” Vienna has ever heard. The record I did with Angela is raring to go. Watch out for this, it´ll be called “Nicht aus dem Sinn”.

Vienna´s weekly paper Falter did a pretty nice story about JazzWerkstatt Wien.

Also, Austria´s main cultural radio station Ö1 did a 3 hour live programme with our collective. Here we´re at the studio.

And finally: The barbecue season began in Vienna! Here with 5/8erl in Ehr´n at Hanibal´s place. Do you know Gmundner Keramik?

When we´re not having a barbecue, we´re playing some very nice gigs – here at Donaukanaltreiben in Vienna. Don´t know how many they were, but the crowd was loud and fantastic! Watch out for more dates! Bye!


This is an experiment I did a few months ago to check out the iMaschine app on my iPhone. There´s no editing, everything´s mixed on the fly. The track names refer to the places where I recorded these tracks. Everything´s done in Brigittenau, the 20th district of Vienna – where I live.

MUCHOGUSTO – Una Ópera tragi-erótico from Lukas Kranzelbinder on Vimeo.

This is a trailer for an opera my friend Lukas Kranzelbinder is currently working on. I did the sounddesign for that movie.

got LIVE if you want it!

Let´s get it on!
WIEN KOLLEKTOR is a new project I´ve recently worked on. It´s a co-operation of 4 self-organized promoters in Vienna: Viennese Soulfood, Polyamory Sound Festival, SZKIZ and JazzWerkstatt Wien. We produced a programme, here´ it is:

OK, JazzWerkstatt´s Festival VIENNA ROOMSERVICE is starting next week, and it will be great. I will perform twice: Sept. 8 with singer Angela Maria Reisinger and Sept 10 with my band nee.. We´ll feature soul singer Max Gaier and we had a lot of fun rehearsing new tunes, here´s a picture from last week:

Above all, after Peer Gynt in 2008, I´m working at Volkstheater Wien again. Saxophone and clarinet player Gerald Preinfalk inivted me to play his music for the play “Du bleibst bei mir” with him. It´s a new theatre play by famous austrian writer Felix Mitterer, director: Michael Sturminger. Get more information here! Also see my DATES when I´ll perform at Volkstheater or with my other bands.
Finally, I´d like to say that I really enjoyed teaching at Jazzseminar Schönbach. The staff was well rehearsed, 100! students participated and I had a fantastic ensemble that rocked the students concert. We played “Electro Jazz” and had a nice instrumentation: Drums, Doublebass, Guitar, E-Piano, Synthesizer, E-Violin, Flute, Trumpet, 2 singers and Electronics (2 players) – AND tatarataaaaa!!!! – for all people doing “jazz gender research”: 6 women – 5 men.
I really recommend coming to Schönbach in 2012!!!

My former piano teacher Paul Urbanek informed me about a new  conservatory in Vienna. I can speak from my own experience, he´s a fantastic teacher and piano player – so if you´re interested in studying music, have a look at JAM Music Lab!

Autumn in Vienna means lot of work and many concerts for me. Don´t miss the chance to see and hear me before Christmas! I almost forgot it… here´s the new 5 Achterl in Ehr´n music clip “Siasse Tschick”, enjoy:

Soul Sweet-And-Sour

Hello World!
Recently we had three rehearsals with the trio “nee.”. We´re preparing a show that features Austrian soul singer Max Gaier. I´m very happy with what we´ve done so far and would like to promote our concert on September 10th at Porgy&Bess!!! Here´s Max:

The nee. show will be part of the JazzWerkstatt Wien festival VIENNA ROOMSERVICE. I also spent a lot of time organizing this event and the festival line-up is very interesting –  ranging from legendary Austrian performers to young lions of the Vienna music scene. HERE it is!!! Be there.
I´ve spent a lot of time in the studio. Actually I´m working on 4 different albums:
JazzWerkstatt Wien New Ensemble – recorded July ´11 in Albi, France @ GMEA
5 Achterl in Ehr´n – still recording @ Seniorenstube Klosterneuburg
Angela Maria Reisinger – recorded June ´11 @ Acoustic Art Studios
nee. – recorded June ´11 @ Klangforum Wien
Lukas König recording with Angela Maria Reisinger:
Recording setup JazzWerkstatt Wien New Ensemble:

Furthermore I made a remix for upcoming band “Kompost 3” (Release tba) and helped producing a song for “König Leopold“. Have a look at Dates and see you soon!