DUFT DER MÄNNER – it´s true!


Hello World!
I look pretty sad in this picture (above), but don´t worry; it was just a peaceful moment during our foto shoot for the new 5/8erl in Ehr´n album and tour.
We´ll release our 5th album “DUFT DER MÄNNER” in April – Yippie!
What can  I say? Of course, we´ve done a lot of work to get this done, but we didn’t rush with this one.  The devil is in the details. And we were eager for the small, beautiful details. I think we´re sounding sexy more than ever. Ha!
We´re touring from May on and finish with a big and nice open-air concert at legendary Arena Wien on June 9th. Save this date – Love is in the air!
Here´s a teaser – our first single release “Geh Bitte Bobo”; a self-deprecating song with a lot of groove:

Stay tuned for more song releases soon:) Bye!

MORPHING – Yes, we did it!

Here it is:

So, this is a very special production for me. For the first time  in my career, a record featuring only my compositions is being released. I have to thank the wonderful Jazzorchester Vorarlberg for giving me that chance and putting so much work in performing and recording my music.
I´m really satisfied with the musical performance and mix and master of the CD and would love to get some feedback from you. Please listen, there are over 2 years of work in that recording, from composition process to scoring and arranging, rehearsals, concerts, recording, mixing, editing, graphic design,…
CD RELEASE concerts will be April 21 at Theater Kosmos, Bregenz and April 22 at Porgy&Bess, Vienna.
Listen to 2 tracks on Soundcloud:


Goodbye 2012 – Hello 2013!

Happy New Year everybody!
2012 was definitely good to me… I had a lot of fun playing more concerts than ever before / working with the physicians at the Quantum Nanophysics Instiute / teaching at the great workshop in Schönbach / starting my studies “Music for Film & Media / composing a lot – including a big premiere: “Morphing” 75min music for Jazzorchestra / winning the Amadeus Austrian Music Award with 5/8erl in Ehr´n / mixing and producing nee.´s 1st EP “The Truth is on Fire” / working with collective JazzWerkstatt Wien in our 8th year! / working with so many interesting and motivated people / working on my jump shot and post moves / etc…But that´s it …. let´s go on!
Besides continuing my studies for the “Music for Film & Media” course, I play three concerts in January that are very diverse. On January 6th, we´ll finally present the CD “Nicht aus dem Sinn” – Angela Maria Reisinger & Band at Vienna´s Porgy&Bess. I´ve been working with Angela for 10 years now and I´m very glad to release and present this music.
On January 10th, I continue to experiment on bringing Jazz and Quantum Physics together on stage. In December we tried it for the first time at Blue Tomato club, now we´ll present our music and lecture at Verein Freifeld at mica. Be there – it´s really a nice combination of groove/improvisation/contemplation and fascinating theories and mindsets, illustrated by inconceivable experiments!
I´ll be back at Porgy&Bess on January 19th with saxophone player and composer Max Nagl. We´ll also present a CD “Live at Porgy&Bess” with a 9 piece band.
Then I´ll have a short break from the cold wheater in Vienna and take a rest somewhere else on this planet – to be back at full strength in February. Good Luck 2013!


Like a Rolling Stone

The “MORPHING” project was a great experience for me and I think it worked out pretty fine. I´m looking forward to presenting the program in Vienna next year 2013.
THIS you have to see:

The music is performed by JazzWerkstatt Wien New Ensemble and young digital animation artist Nikolai Maderthoner made this film by himself over the last year. I think it´s an incredible work. This man is 19 years old and designed everything in this music video. Please share!

The nee. EP “The Truth is on Fire” can be ordered now. Get your physical copy here: www.jazzwerkstatt-records.com
Or download here at iTunes.

I´m very much looking forward to a Jam Session taking place at legendary club Blue Tomato on December 4th. I´ll play the opening set with great musicians Judith Ferstl, Herbert Pirker and Sixtus Preiss. With us will be physician Stefan Nimmrichter from the Quantum Nanophysics Group. We´ll mix improvised groove music with a lecture about quantum physics. That´s what I like! Come join the jam!