Morphing Vienna

Finally, my composition “Morphing” will be performed in Vienna. The wonderful Jazzorchester Vorarlberg is coming to town, Mieze Medusa and Andreas Harrer will leave their caves and we´ll meet Sunday, March 3 at WUK Museum to play for you! Be there!
Good news: Our band 5/8erl in Ehr´n is nominated for the Austrian Amadeus Music Award for the second straight year! 2012 we won it, so this year we aim for “Back to Back” championship. Please vote for us! Be like Mike! Here´s MJ winning his 2nd title:
Jordan 2nd championship
I´ve been to Cape Town and the Western Cape for a short “Winter Break”.
camps baysome more nice photos on Flickr:

bay, atlantic ocean

Back in Vienna, I immediately started working again. We rehearsed with JazzWerkstatt Wien New Ensemble, then played a Session Opener at Blue Tomato, before we went to Bern, Switzerland. We played at JazzWerkstatt Bern, a very nice festival and musicians collective and got very good reviews for our “show”. Here´s an article in German:
Have a look at my Dates page. Many gigs coming up in spring!

Another little project I was working on was “A Tusky Tale”. My fellow student at DUK “Music for Film & Media” Simon Osterhold asked me to help him composing music for a short animation movie. It was supposed to be a “chamber orchestra – ballroom style” soundtrack. Simon started out composing the head theme and I did the sorrowful middle part till the end. It was fun working together and although we didn´t have budget to record real musicians (we programmed everything) it came out really nice and sweet. Here´s the film:

So far, so good. Ciao!


Goodbye 2012 – Hello 2013!

Happy New Year everybody!
2012 was definitely good to me… I had a lot of fun playing more concerts than ever before / working with the physicians at the Quantum Nanophysics Instiute / teaching at the great workshop in Schönbach / starting my studies “Music for Film & Media / composing a lot – including a big premiere: “Morphing” 75min music for Jazzorchestra / winning the Amadeus Austrian Music Award with 5/8erl in Ehr´n / mixing and producing nee.´s 1st EP “The Truth is on Fire” / working with collective JazzWerkstatt Wien in our 8th year! / working with so many interesting and motivated people / working on my jump shot and post moves / etc…But that´s it …. let´s go on!
Besides continuing my studies for the “Music for Film & Media” course, I play three concerts in January that are very diverse. On January 6th, we´ll finally present the CD “Nicht aus dem Sinn” – Angela Maria Reisinger & Band at Vienna´s Porgy&Bess. I´ve been working with Angela for 10 years now and I´m very glad to release and present this music.
On January 10th, I continue to experiment on bringing Jazz and Quantum Physics together on stage. In December we tried it for the first time at Blue Tomato club, now we´ll present our music and lecture at Verein Freifeld at mica. Be there – it´s really a nice combination of groove/improvisation/contemplation and fascinating theories and mindsets, illustrated by inconceivable experiments!
I´ll be back at Porgy&Bess on January 19th with saxophone player and composer Max Nagl. We´ll also present a CD “Live at Porgy&Bess” with a 9 piece band.
Then I´ll have a short break from the cold wheater in Vienna and take a rest somewhere else on this planet – to be back at full strength in February. Good Luck 2013!