cwlabAs I compose for my bands or do commissioned work, a lot of other music comes out of … I don´t know. Most of the time, I am indecisive what to do with these pieces. Audio files & sheet music pile up in my studio and since I don´t have a practical use for that music, I disregard my own work.
That´s gonna stop now.
I´m happy to announce the foundation of my “Clemens Wenger Lab“.
Basically, it´s a Bandcamp page for now. Time and again, I´ll fill it up with recent inventions. I won´t “dress” the music to fit a style or any expectations -just let it loose.
You can listen and download for free; also pay if you want. In exchange: share your feedback with me, please! What do you like, what annoys you and why?
The lab shall be my platform to experiment with form and content.
So let´s get it started: HERE—->

(photo credit: Astrid Knie)


From Vienna with love…

Lately I´ve been working on a sounddesign for a movie by Vienna´s Institue for Quantum Nanophysics and Molecular Quantum Optics www.quantumnano.at. Tatarata!!!:

The video shows the build-up of a quantum matter-wave interference pattern from single phthalocyanine molecules. The music I chose is a song called “Wean, du schlofst” (approx: Vienna asleep) which I composed in 2009 after a poem from Peter Ahorner. You´ll find it on the award-winning CD “Elegant” – a love affair between the famous Viennese folk band Die Strottern and our artists collective JazzWerkstatt Wien.
I also made more experimental versions of the movie, but Thomas Juffmann and Markus Arndt from the Quantum Nanophysics Group liked this one best, maybe because it´s in reference to Vienna. So, I´m very happy about this collaboration, because I´m really inspired by their work. Vienna 2012 seems to revive it´s 1900 air….